A Stroll Down Newbury

Saturday was an exciting and busy day for Graham and I. It was my mother’s birthday and a whole girls day was planned.

The morning started as any other. We were lazy to get up, Graham and Simi playing with each other while I hit snooze a few times. Breakfast time rolled around, however, and I was forced to get up and feed the crew. Graham had a full cup of food while I had a light breakfast, planning for the day ahead.

My mother rolled in around 11 am and after a few minutes of organizing and greetings, we were off. I drove her through the city of Boston and turned onto Newbury Street. The spots were all taken. Snow made visibility difficult and caused a two-lane road to become 1 and a half at times. We drove for a few blocks, nearly missing a few chances to park. Giving up wasn’t an option. I swung my little car around again and entered Newbury Street once more. Moments later, my mom pointed to a vehicle pulling out and I instantly nabbed the spot.

Graham, my mom and I quickly jumped out and formulated a plan. We would walk up one side of the street, pop into a few stores, grab some lunch and then come back down the other.

After hitting one stop, and then attempting to get coffee at a packed Starbucks, we decided it would be good to grab food. We stopped at Not Your Average Joe’s and were seated instantly. Graham instantly settled down beside the window, head propped on the heater so he could people watch. My mom and I ordered light meals and a few drinks, savoring the excitement of being in the city and spending time together. The waitress offered us water for Graham and by the end, asked if she could say hello to him.

Leaving the restaurant, we quickly made a few more stops before heading towards the car. The snow had begun falling and the already-narrow sidewalks were becoming slick.

Driving out of Boston was quick and easy and our day was coming to a close. With the North East getting hit with another storm, Graham and I had to say goodbye to my mother early. It was an absolutely wonderful day, though and Graham was at the top of his game. I couldn’t have been prouder.

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