A new year, a new job, and a return to blogging!


Graham and I cannot believe that a year has gone by since we have touched this blog and for that, we are terribly sorry. Life has been absolutely nuts and, as you may be able to tell from the title, a lot has been going on!

First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy 2016!

A new year means a new start and boy did this one start off fast for us. This past July, our lives took a sudden change. A new job was beginning and that meant a new commute, a new apartment and all new people, and dogs(!) to meet and befriend!

We had joined a company far far larger than the last and though this one would also require long hours in

Graham likes to make himself comfortable during meetings in the office.
Graham likes to make himself comfortable during meetings at work.
the office, it held that sweet sweet satisfaction of being a dog-friendly work environment. Sure, you may shake your head and say “service dogs are allowed in the workplace” and this is absolutely true but this company loves animals and people bring them in all the time.

Those long days of just laying under a desk are over for Graham. He even shared a large birthday cake with a bunch of his four legged friends this past week.

I must say… working in a place where dogs are welcome has been absolutely amazing. There is a totally different atmosphere and, sure there can be the occasional disturbance of puppies barking, it is wonderful to have the ability to take our best friends out onto the lawn to run around during lunch.

For Graham, I think this change has been amazing.

Kaia is Graham's best friend from work and she even comes to stay with us sometimes!
Kaia is Graham’s best friend from work and she even comes to stay with us sometimes!
He is no longer isolated and in many ways it has helped him progress in all aspects of his working life. Dogs are no longer a new thing for him and it makes our lives so much easier when we pass strangers in the streets, in the halls, and anywhere else we may run across other dogs.

I’m no longer afraid of meeting new dogs… it’s a common occurrence at the office!

A new year also means a new start to the blog.

It’s been far too long since this place has seen updates and now that our lives have settled back down into a routine, we want to share our adventures with you once more!

We hope to keep you on the edge of your seats with our fantastical adventures and maybe even teach the world a thing or two about the amazing bond between an assistance dog and their handler. If you want even more updates, go check us out on Instagram (instagrahamofneads)!

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