We have been together for 5 years

I want to apologize for such a long absence. The last year has been filled with crazy work days, a new apartment, and a rotator cuff injury that has added complications to my only source of mobility. I’ve gone through multiple managers, learned how to clear my car of snow after large storms, and have moved into an apartment with stairs. I even hope to search for my very own house in the next few years. None of it would be possible without Graham, and I want to return to sharing our journeys and adventures together.

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I see you

Five years have passed.

Five years have passed since I was lucky enough to receive my best friend, and partner in crime, Graham. He is an incredible companion and I know, for a fact, that I would not be where I am today without him.

He continues to teach me lessons in patience, understanding, and openness. My shyness around new people has faded and I enjoy going on social outings where he and I can explore. There are moments of strife, where discrimination was prevelant and situations became uncomfortable… but there have also been amazing moments where people I meet want to learn more about Graham and more about the amazing work that these wonderful dogs do every day.

This post will be short, but that is only because I am planning for a trip at the end of the month and there is much to prepare before our flight!

Stay tuned for some of the exciting things coming up for A Golden and His Girl!

  •  I am planning on writing, and illustrating, a children’s book to allow them to see through the eyes of an assistance dog
  • More blog posts detailing our fabulous adventures
  • Advice for living on your own with one of these companions in a snowy New England winter.
  • Tips and tricks for increasing your bond with your dog in your daily life
  • I’ll be creating a video blog where Graham shall be the star while we give tips on grooming, training new tasks, and just sharing the craziness that is our lives
  • And so much more!

Connect with us today!

Is there anything you want to learn about in particular? Have a story about your pets or service animals that you would like to share? Let me know.

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