Staying Active in the Winter Months

Taking dogs out in bad weather is never fun. It’s cold, or wet, slippery and uncomfortable. It needs to be done. Our loyal four-legged companions need to potty and need to exercise. Winter is difficult for Graham and I. Taking him out in the cold isn’t too much of an issue… I bundle up and he gets dressed in his Land’s End jacket and booties. Sure we slip and slide a bit but I know he’s always there to help me if I start to go down. With a simple phrase that asks him to potty on command and that knowledge that I’m safe with him, pottying isn’t a problem. Exercise, however, still is. So what do I do when there’s no way I can let him run in the snow? Simple. I work him in my apartment. We have training sessions or play hide-and-seek. Is he rusty on a…

An Introduction

Hi. I’m Katerina Rose and Graham is my assistance dog. Throughout our journey together, I have discovered how little people understand of service animals and what they can do for us. In the beginning I knew very little of assistance animals. Like most people I’ve encountered, I only knew of seeing-eye-dogs. I didn’t realize that there was so much more to these animals than what mainstream media has shown us. After living with Graham for a few years, I wanted to find a way to expose people to these wonderful creatures. Hopefully this blog will be entertaining as well as informative of what it’s like to live with such an amazing animal. Graham’s changed my life and I don’t know what I would do without him. He is a part of my family. He goes everywhere with me. He graduated from college with me and he will continue to grow with me as I journey…

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