Keeping Organized

We all are weighed down by medical expenses, bills, prescriptions and other important documents that we need to keep track of. Our pets are too! With Graham, I also want to keep track of what happens when we go out, skills we may need to brush up on and his overall health. For the past year I’ve been a big fan of using ARC notebooks for all my note taking, be it for work or for personal. The notebooks are extremely customizable and easy to set up. You can order them online or buy them at Staples for a low cost. You can buy accessories from calendar pages to to-do lists, project planning, rulers, highlighter tabs and so much more. For the more adventurous, you can purchase a special hole punch that punches paper to fit the “disc” system that the ARCs use. Because I’m a graphic designer, I…

Greeting Service Dogs … or any dog for that matter

Today’s blog post isn’t so much about Graham as it is about watching how people react around service dogs. Many don’t know what to do. Some have a general idea of what’s acceptable and what isn’t while others are completely clueless. As a service dog handler, I encounter all types of these people on a daily basis, from my time running errands to roaming my apartment building. Approaching a service dog can cause trouble for everyone involved. A service dog is there to help their handler. If a stranger, or even a friend for that matter, approaches a working dog, the level of distraction in a possibly already stimulating environment can be disastrous. For myself, if something were to startle Graham, my balance could be compromised with the crutches. If he gets too excited and jumps into me, my support might disappear. He weighs more than half of me. Many…

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