Traveling to the capital

Graham is the best travel companion.  I don’t travel often. Work keeps me tied down and I lack confidence to go out on my own. Day trips are fine; I can jump in my car, explore a new place, and I’m back in my own warm bed by early evening. Where’s the fun in that? In early March, my mom surprised me with the chance to fly to D.C. with her and Graham. We have family down in Alexandria, Virginia, and visiting them would be a fantastic opportunity. I had been planning a trip back in November but due to a rotator cuff injury, I had to cancel. This was the perfect chance to get back out there… and I wouldn’t be totally alone. I requested the time off about three weeks before the flight and approval came immediately. My mom purchased the tickets, we planned for my dad to…

We have been together for 5 years

I want to apologize for such a long absence. The last year has been filled with crazy work days, a new apartment, and a rotator cuff injury that has added complications to my only source of mobility. I’ve gone through multiple managers, learned how to clear my car of snow after large storms, and have moved into an apartment with stairs. I even hope to search for my very own house in the next few years. None of it would be possible without Graham, and I want to return to sharing our journeys and adventures together. Five years have passed. Five years have passed since I was lucky enough to receive my best friend, and partner in crime, Graham. He is an incredible companion and I know, for a fact, that I would not be where I am today without him. He continues to teach me lessons in patience, understanding,…

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