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A new year, a new job, and a return to blogging!

Greetings! Graham and I cannot believe that a year has gone by since we have touched this blog and for that, we are terribly sorry. Life has been absolutely nuts and, as you may be able to tell from the title, a lot has been going on! First of all, we would like to wish you a Happy 2016! A new year means a new start and boy did this one start off fast for us. This past July, our lives took a sudden change. A new job was beginning and that meant a new commute, a new apartment and all new people, and dogs(!) to meet and befriend! We had joined a company far far larger than the last and though this one would also require long hours in the office, it held that sweet sweet satisfaction of being a dog-friendly work environment. Sure, you may shake your head…

Greeting Service Dogs … or any dog for that matter

Today’s blog post isn’t so much about Graham as it is about watching how people react around service dogs. Many don’t know what to do. Some have a general idea of what’s acceptable and what isn’t while others are completely clueless. As a service dog handler, I encounter all types of these people on a daily basis, from my time running errands to roaming my apartment building. Approaching a service dog can cause trouble for everyone involved. A service dog is there to help their handler. If a stranger, or even a friend for that matter, approaches a working dog, the level of distraction in a possibly already stimulating environment can be disastrous. For myself, if something were to startle Graham, my balance could be compromised with the crutches. If he gets too excited and jumps into me, my support might disappear. He weighs more than half of me. Many…

Staying Active in the Winter Months

Taking dogs out in bad weather is never fun. It’s cold, or wet, slippery and uncomfortable. It needs to be done. Our loyal four-legged companions need to potty and need to exercise. Winter is difficult for Graham and I. Taking him out in the cold isn’t too much of an issue… I bundle up and he gets dressed in his Land’s End jacket and booties. Sure we slip and slide a bit but I know he’s always there to help me if I start to go down. With a simple phrase that asks him to potty on command and that knowledge that I’m safe with him, pottying isn’t a problem. Exercise, however, still is. So what do I do when there’s no way I can let him run in the snow? Simple. I work him in my apartment. We have training sessions or play hide-and-seek. Is he rusty on a…

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