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Graham’s turning 4!

Birthdays are always exciting times. We have parties, give gifts, cards and just celebrate life in general. I do the same with Graham. He’ll be turning 4 on Valentine’s Day! Time really does fly. He came home with me at 18 months old and now I’m celebrating this with him? It’s insane! Parties with Graham are small but fun. He was raised by a wonderful couple during his training days and we make sure to have them over every year. We buy a small “pupcake” and of course a few treats and toys. Last year we had another service dog join us, a Greater Swissy who was still in training (Graham got to show off ;)). This year will be quiet and fun. We, Graham and I, will be hosting my parents and his puppy raisers, for the first time in the apartment. He’s getting a new jacket for this…

How do you handle the cold with your dogs?

Winter is a tough time for humans and canines alike. Jackets only go so far for us and fur coats are just the same for our furry companions. Most dogs don’t need to go out unless they are pottying. For assistance dogs, it’s different. For Graham, being outside is a much more common occurance, especially during the morning and evening commutes. I avoid taking him out if I can but when he has to get out into the harsh reality that is New England, I bundle him out in a Smartpack dog jacket and booties. It doesn’t seem to be enough to keep him comfortable when we are walking any sort of distance. Are there other ways to keep my companion safe and warm in these temperatures? With next week’s forecast being ominous, I worry that it will be extra hard on Graham. All thoughts and opinions are much appreciated!

Staying Active in the Winter Months

Taking dogs out in bad weather is never fun. It’s cold, or wet, slippery and uncomfortable. It needs to be done. Our loyal four-legged companions need to potty and need to exercise. Winter is difficult for Graham and I. Taking him out in the cold isn’t too much of an issue… I bundle up and he gets dressed in his Land’s End jacket and booties. Sure we slip and slide a bit but I know he’s always there to help me if I start to go down. With a simple phrase that asks him to potty on command and that knowledge that I’m safe with him, pottying isn’t a problem. Exercise, however, still is. So what do I do when there’s no way I can let him run in the snow? Simple. I work him in my apartment. We have training sessions or play hide-and-seek. Is he rusty on a…

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